Energy Solutions

With the upward trend in energy prices, using less power and keeping bills down is fast becoming a necessity for all homes, offices and even major industrial power users. GHE is excited by innovation and as such we ensure we are always up to date with the best ways to save you power and most importantly, money

Huge savings can be acheived through the use of solar panels, voltage optimisation, LED lighting (new installs and retro fits) and power factor correction.

Voltage Optimisation

Approximately 90% of building in Australia receive excess voltage, causing machinery to run inefficiently and energy to be wasted. Voltage optimisation technology optimises the voltage to a level that is suitable for each individual business premise, enabling electrical equipment to run more efficiently and creating significant electricity and carbon emission savings.

For more information about how your business could reduce electricity costs by up to 20%, contact GHE for a full site assessment. 

LED Lighting

Expelling little or no heat, energy efficient LED Lighting can reduce your power bill by up to 55%.

LED Lighting can be installed in new builds or retro-fitted in existing properties and with the advance in LED technology, the quality of the light output is now comparable to more traditional forms of lighting. Due to the global increase in demand for energy saving technologies, the amount of LED lights being produced has drastically increased, bringing unit prices down and making them an economically viable energy saving investment.

GHE can retrofit your existing light fittings with LED globes or install new light fittings in your home, office or warehouse.

Contact GHE for more information.

Power Factor Correction

If you are a large user of energy such as a commercial office block or an industrial company, you would be well advised to monitor the power factor levels at your premises. Commercial loads such as large electric motors and magnetic lighting loads, can cause a reduction in your power factor level, resulting in excess energy consumption. ETSA may also charge you penalties for poor power factor.

At GHE, we can assess your power factor levels and design a power factor correcton unit (PFC) to suit your requirements. We can also assess if your existing PFC is functioning correctly and carry out maintenance should it be required.

Contact GHE to arrange a site asssesment.

Electrical Contractors

Adelaide based electrical contractors, Grant Harvey Electrical provides full domestic and commercial electrical services. From ceiling fan installation to commercial building works.

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Solar System Installation

GHE are not only equipped to install residential solar systems, we can also supply and install large scale commercial solar systems.

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